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Jang W, M.d. , Kim Y, M.d. , Han E, M.d. , Park J, M.d. , Chae H, M.d. , Kwon A, M.t. , Choi H, M.t. , Kim J, M.t. , Son JO, M.t. , Lee SJ, M.d. , Hong BY, M.d. , Jang DH, M.d. , Han JY, M.d. , Lee JH, M.d. , Kim SY, M.d. , Lee IG, M.d. , Sung IK, M.d. , Moon Y, M.d. , Kim M, M.d. , , Park JH, M.d. .  Chromosomal Microarray Analysis as a First-Tier Clinical Diagnostic Test in Patients With Developmental Delay/Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Multiple Congenital Anomalies: A Prospective Multicenter Study in Korea.  Ann Lab Med 2019;39:299-310.