Ann Lab Med 2017; 37(3): 293-295
A Puzzling “Switch” in Blood Type Following Blood Transfusion
Luiza Akria, M.D.1,7, Judith Chezar, Ph.D.1, Simona Zisman-Rozen, Ph.D.1, Eyal J. Scheinman, Ph.D.1, Zeev Zonis, M.D.2,7, Yoav Hoffmann, M.D.2,7, Tzipora Falik-Zaccai, M.D.3,7, Limor Kalfon, Ph.D.3, Michael Weiss, M.D.4,7, Andrei Braester, M.D.5,7, Celia Suriu, M.D.5,7, Masad Barhoum, M.D.5,7, Amir Kuperman, M.D.6,7, and Ety Shaoul, Ph.D.1,7
Blood Bank and Molecular Hematology Laboratory1, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit2, Cytogenetic Laboratory3, Department of Surgery4, Hematology5, and Pediatrics6, Galilee Medical Center, Nahariya; Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee7, Bar Ilan University, Safed, Israel
Correspondence to: Luiza Akria
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Received: September 1, 2016; Revised: November 4, 2016; Accepted: February 1, 2017; Published online: May 1, 2017.
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