Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(2): 185-188
Congenital Analbuminemia in Unrelated Algerian and Turkish Families is Caused by the Same Molecular Defect in the Albumin Gene
Gianluca Caridi, B.Sc.1, Abdelbasset Maout, M.D.2, Reha Artan, M.D.3, Monica Campagnoli, B.Sc.4, Francesca Lugani, Ph.D.1, Mohamed El Amine Abada, M.D.2, Ersin Sayar, M.D.3,*, Monica Galliano, M.S.4, and Lorenzo Minchiotti, M.S.4
Laboratory on Pathophysiology of Uremia1, Istituto Giannina Gaslini IRCCS, Genova, Italy; Blood Transfusion Center2, Laboratory of Medical Virology, Mustapha Bacha University Hospital Center, Algiers, Algeria; Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology3, Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey; Department of Molecular Medicine4, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy
Corresponding author: Lorenzo Minchiotti
Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Pavia, via Taramelli 3b, 27100 Pavia, Italy
Tel: +39-0382-987724, Fax: +39-0382-423108, E-mail:
*Present address: Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, Antalya, Turkey.
Received: June 30, 2017; Revised: August 30, 2017; Accepted: October 13, 2017; Published online: March 1, 2018.
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