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29(01) 48-52
Evaluation of SD BIOLINE Chagas Ab Rapid Kit
Mi Jung Ji1,2, Jae Sang Noh2, Byung Ki Cho, Ph.D.2, Young Shik Cho, Ph.D.2, Sun Joo Kim, M.D.3, and Byoung Su Yoon, Ph.D.1
Department of Life Science1, College of Natural Science, Kyonggi University, Suwon; Biotech Laboratory2, Standard Diagnostics Inc., Yongin; Department of Laboratory Medicine3, Gyeongsang National University, School of Medicine, Jinju, Korea
Background : Chagas’ disease is caused by Trypanosoma cruzi, a protozoan parasite, which is transmitted by blood-sucking bugs or through blood transfusion or organ transplantation. It is endemic in Central and South America. The objective of this study was to compare the performance of immunochromatographic SD Bioline Chagas Ab Rapid (Standard Diagnostics, Korea) with three immunochromatographic kits for the detection of antibodies to T. cruzi. Methods : A total of 320 serum specimens (140 positive and 180 negative) from National Reference Laboratory for Chagas and Leishmaniasis (NRLCL, Honduras) were used for the evaluation of four different test kits: SD Bioline Chagas Ab Rapid, Chagas Stat-Pak Assay (Chembio Diagnositc Systems, USA), OnSite Chagas Ab Rapid test-Cassette (CTK Biotech, USA), and Trypanosoma Detect Rapid Test (InBios International, USA). The results of four kits were compared with those of NRLCL. Cross-reactivity with other parasites was also evaluated. Results : Compared with the results of NRLCL, sensitivity and specificity were 99.3% and 100% for both of SD and Chembio kits, 97.2% and 100% for InBios kit, and 97.9% and 98.8% for CTK kit. None of other parasites showed cross-reactivity. Conclusions : SD Bioline Chagas Ab Rapid kit showed test results highly correlating with those of National Reference Laboratory for Chagas and Leishmaniasis. It can be used for a rapid detection of Chagas’ disease in endemic region and monitoring the disease among overseas travelers in Korea. (Korean J Lab Med 2009;29:48-52)
Korean J Lab Med 2009 Feb; 29(01) 48-52
Keyword : Chagas’ disease, Trypanosoma cruzi, Immunochromatography