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Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 1~84
Review Article
Cell-Free DNA in Oncology: Gearing up for Clinic
Bryan C. Ulrich, B.A. and Cloud P. Paweletz, Ph.D.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 1-8   PDF
Original Articles
Serum Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor as a Biomarker of Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Zhong-bo Shang, M.D., Jun Wang et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 9-16   PDF
Extensively Drug-Resistant Escherichia coli Sequence Type 1642 Carrying an IncX3 Plasmid Containing the blaKPC-2 Gene Associated with Transposon Tn4401a
Seri Jeong, M.D., Jung Ok Kim et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 17-22   PDF
Comparison of Singleplex Specific IgE Detection Immunoassays: ImmunoCAP Phadia 250 and Immulite 2000 3gAllergy
Kyung Hee Park, M.D., Jongsun Lee et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 23-31   PDF
Application of Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification Assay for Genotyping Major Blood Group Systems Including DEL Variants in the D-Negative Korean Population
Banseok Kim, M.D., Seung-Tae Lee et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 32-38   PDF
Urinary YKL-40 as a Candidate Biomarker for Febrile Urinary Tract Infection in Young Children
Hyun Hee Kim, M.D., Mi Hae Chung et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 39-45   PDF
Brief Communications
Evaluation of Allplex Respiratory Panel 1/2/3 Multiplex Real-Time PCR Assays for the Detection of Respiratory Viruses with Influenza A Virus subtyping
Jaehyeon Lee, M.D., Hye Soo Lee et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 46-50   PDF
Is It Necessary to Repeat Fecal Occult Blood Tests with Borderline Results for Colorectal Cancer Screening?
Eunyoung Lee, B.S. and Yangsoon Lee, M.D.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 51-53   PDF
Application of Multigene Panel Sequencing in Patients with Prolonged Rate-corrected QT Interval and No Pathogenic Variants Detected in KCNQ1, KCNH2, and SCN5A
Soo Hyun Seo, M.D., So Yeon Kim et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 54-58   PDF
Brief Communications
Chinese Pediatric Reference Intervals for Serum Cortisol on IMMULITE 2000
Ling-Li Wang, M.D., Li-Yue Zhang et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 59-62   PDF
Letter to the Editor
Molecular and Cytogenetic Studies in a Child with Burkitt Lymphoma and Ataxia-Telangiectasia Syndrome Harboring MYC Overexpression and Partial Trisomy 8
Mariana T. De Souza, M.S., Gabriela Vera-Lozada et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 63-66   PDF
Effect of Accreditation on the Accuracy of Diagnostic Hematologic Tests: Standard Deviation Index Analysis
Young Ahn Yoon, M.D., Mi-Ae Jang et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 67-70   PDF
Polymicrobial Anaerobic Bacteremia Caused by Butyricimonas virosa and Brachyspira pilosicoli in a Patient with Peritonitis following Intestinal Perforation
Yoshihiko Ogawa, M.D., Masatoshi Sato et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 71-73   PDF
A Case of Anti-reticulin Antibody-positivity in Metachronous Double Primary Cancer
Ki-Na Kim, M.D., La-He Jearn et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 74-76   PDF
Deletion of 20p13 and Duplication of 20p13p12.3 in a Patient with Delayed Speech and Development
Soon Sung Kwon, M.D., Jieun Kim et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 77-79   PDF
Identification of Homozygous Likely Pathogenic Variant of ALDH3A2 in a Korean Boy with Sjögren–Larsson Syndrome
Je Yeon Kim, M.D., Shin-Hye Kim et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 80-82   PDF
Intactness of Medical Nonsterile Gloves on Use of Alcohol Disinfectants
Jiyoung Chang, M.D., Tae-Dong Jeong et al.
Ann Lab Med 2018; 38(1): 83-84   PDF