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Let people hear your research
Let people hear your research
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Let’s hear it for a new revolution in science communication!

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Communicating your research so that it is discovered and understood by a broader audience is now more important than ever. As part of our efforts to maximize the impact of your paper, Annals of Laboratory Medicine has partnered with Editage to offer you a new medium for research communication: video summaries.
Audio summaries help you convey the chief findings of your research in an easily intelligible, conversational tone. This easy-to-consume format involves a technically accurate and engaging summary of your paper narrated by a professional voiceover artiste. Once you receive your finalized audio summary, we will showcase it in our gallery. You will also receive a support kit that contains the summary text (transcript) and tips on how to promote your audio summary for maximum visibility.

Video summary
Explain your research through an engaging audio summary!
  • Engaging, 60–90-second-long narrated audio clips
  • Script writing + professional voiceover (narration)
  • Support kit = transcript
  • Tips for promoting audio summary for maximum traction
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  • Ann Lab Med

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