Copyrighted Material Permission Requirements & Permission Request

As a general rule, written permission must be obtained from the rights holder in order to re-use any copyrighted material. Copyrighted material can include figures, illustrations, charts, tables, photographs, and text excerpts. However, written permission may not need to be obtained in certain circumstances, such as public domain works or open access content.

Re-use of any borrowed material must be properly acknowledged, even if it is determined that written permission is not necessary. This must be followed exactly: Suitable acknowledgement to the source must be made, as a footnote of table or a figure legend (e.g. "Reprinted from Ann Lab Med. Year;Vol:Page with permission" or "Revised schema from Ann Lab Med. Year;Vol:Page with permission") and in a reference list at the end of your publication.

You will be able to get a permission to reuse the content which is hosted on the Ann Lab Med. Please see the following instructions:

  • Click on "Request Permissions".
  • Follow the instructions in the pop up window
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