Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy document of Annals of Laboratory Medicine. Annals of Laboratory Medicine is committed to protecting data privacy in general and advocating the data protection rights at the highest standards, continuing our efforts to maintain compliance to any applicable laws and regulations. This privacy policy will be updated when necessary along with a letter of notice when updated. Use of ‘service’ provided by Annals of Laboratory Medicine constitutes consent to our privacy policy then in effect (Updated June, 2018).

  • General Information and data controllers
  • How we collect and use your personal information
  • How long we store your data and how we store your data
  • How to change your privacy preferences
  • Compliance to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
1. General information and data controllers

Annals of Laboratory Medicine (hereinafter referred as “ALM”, “we”, “our”, and “us”) process data in conjunction with its affiliated organization, the Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine (hereinafter “KSLM”). ALM provides access to journal contents and materials through our website and as ‘publisher’ offering opportunity to publish submitted research materials (hereinafter “service”) through our dedicated process of peer-review. During this service authors are required to provide personal information which its collection and processing are subject to strict regulations. Data can be transferred between Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine and ScholarOne Manuscripts™ during this process. Additionally, ALM will provide newsletters, table of contents (TOC) for upcoming issues and etc. for those who provide e-mail address through our website ( Information gathered through ALM website will be process by INFOrang, also an affiliated entity providing hosting services and comprehensive assistance of journal affairs.

ALM takes provisional responsibility of data collection and its use for services. Data collected during the process of service is transmitted between ALM and ScholarOne Manuscripts™ and also between ALM and INFOrang, but not interchangeably. Any information regarded as sensitive will not be processed automatically

2. How we collect and use your personal information

To provide access to journal contents and submission of authors’ research to ALM, we collect necessary information for service. Information that we may collect are:

  • 2.1.
    Personal Information provided to us
    Name, address, e-mail address, company name, institutional affiliation, telephone number, fax number, ORCID ID and etc. Such information shall be willingly provided and should you decline to provide these information, access to our contents and opportunity for submitting your research may be limited. For details of data collection through account creation and management for our submission system, please refer to terms of use on Clarivate Analytics ( or contact through email (
  • 2.2.
    Technical Information
    During access to ALM website and its associated submission system, we may collect information about your computer and its visits to our website including IP address, referring website, geographic location, type of web browser and version, operating system, duration of visit, page views and etc. These technical informations referred as cookies and log data. These are minimally identifiable personal information stored on user-end and you may choose to decline storage of cookies through adjusting the setting of your web browser. However, this may result in limitation of service provided.

    iii) Regarding information of under-aged individuals
    Our service is not intended for under-aged or minors as so deemed in whichever region they belong. We do not knowingly gather or store any personal data of minors.
3. How long we store your data and how we store your data

Data will be stored for only as long as it is necessary for providing our service. As further described below in ‘How to change your data preference”, any remaining data will be removed, transferred or rectified upon request. Data is stored with technological measures preventing misuse or unwarranted use. Access is limited to only authorized person approved for each specific purpose. You may also check for specific details of privacy policy on each of our associated data processors on separate webpage (
In circumstances of being directed to third party websites (i.e. through clicking a reference link to an article), please take caution before providing any personal information as privacy policy may differ between different entities.

4. How to change your privacy preference

Should you choose to change your preference or withdraw previously given consent, you may do so through the following options:

  • 4.1.
    Contacting us through e-mail (
  • 4.2.
    Write to us at Room 1105, Asterium Seoul A Tower, 372 Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 04323, Republic of Korea (Tel +82-2-795-9914 or Fax +82-2-790-4760).
  • 4.3.
    Or contact our affiliated data processors to change your privacy preference through their designated methods ( for ScholarOne Manuscripts™ and for INFOrang).
5. Compliance to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

As GDPR takes into effect as of 25 May 2018, we continue our efforts to maintain the highest standards for privacy policy and data processing. In addition to previous rights to your own data, you will also have the following additional rights:

  • 5.1.
    The right to withdraw consent
  • 5.2.
    The right of access to and rectification of your personal data
  • 5.3.
    Right to erasure
  • 5.4.
    Right to restriction of processing
  • 5.5.
    Right to data portability
  • 5.6.
    Right to object
  • 5.7.
    Automated individual decision making
  • 5.8.
    Right to lodge a complaint
  • 5.9.
    Notification of erasure, rectification and restriction
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