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Kim IH, Ph.d. , Kang BH, Ph.d. , Seo SH, M.s. , Park YE, M.s. , Kim GJ, Ph.d. , Lee SW, Ph.d. , Jang JH, Ph.d. , Jo SK, M.s. , Jeon JH, Ph.d. , Kim JM, Ph.d. , Chung YS, Ph.d. , Han MG, Ph.d. , Jung SO, Ph.d. , Kim J, Ph.d. , Hwang KJ, Ph.d. , Yoo CK, Ph.d. , , Rhie GE, Ph.d. .  Early Laboratory Preparedness of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency and Response to Unknown Pneumonia Outbreak from Wuhan, China, in January 2020.  Ann Lab Med 2021;41:532-539.