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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1.

LINC01234 is upregulated in CRC tissues and cells and associated with poor prognosis in CRC patients. (A) Quantitative analysis of lncRNA LINC01234. *P<0.001 vs CRC. (B) LINC01234 expression was analyzed in CRC tissues and the corresponding adjacent non-tumor tissues; data are presented as log2 fold change (CRC/NC; N=136). Median value of the log2 fold change is 1.736, and log2 fold changes were defined as follows: >1.736, high expression; <1.736, low expression. (C) Relative expression of LINC01234 in CRC cell lines and normal colon epithelial cell line NCM460 (N=10). P<0.001 vs NCM460. (D) Patients with high LINC01234 expression (N=68) showed shorter OS (P<0.05) than those with low LINC01234 expression (N=68). (E) Analysis of the sensitivity and specificity of LINC01234 for distinguishing CRC tissues from normal and benign tissues by ROC curve analysis (cut-off=2.601). Data are presented as mean±SD.

Abbreviations: CRC, colorectal cancer; NC, negative control (adjacent non-tumor tissues); IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; HP, hyperplastic polyp; AD, adenoma; OS, overall survival; ROC, receiver operating characteristic; AUC, area under the curve; CI, confidence interval.

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