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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3.

Comparison of sequences of GCH61, NUBL-9601, and KMP104. Sequence of erm(B) from isolate GCH61 (accession number VYRN00000000) with the CRES phenotype contained C222T (N74N), T224C (I75T), and A299G (N100S) nucleotide (amino acid) substitutions, in addition to the insertion of an IS1216E element at nucleotide position 642, which resulted in the deletion of a segment spanning nucleotides 642–738 (97 bp). This sequence was identical to that from the CRES isolate NUBL-9601 (accession number LC430933). The sequence of erm(B) from the isolate KMP104 was used as a reference (RefSeq accession number DQ355148).

Abbreviation: CRES, clindamycin-resistant erythromycin-susceptible.

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