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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Drug measurement methods used in participating laboratories

Laboratory code Test drugs Internal standard LC manufacturer* MS instrument manufacturer* MS instrument model
A TAC+SIR+EVE Ascomycin+SIR-d3+EVE-d4 Shimadzu SCIEX Triple Quad 4500
CSA CSD Agilent Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole
MPA Indomethacin Waters Waters Quattro Micro
B TAC+SIR+EVE+CSA Ascomycin Waters Waters Quattro Premier
C TAC+SIR+EVE Ascomycin+SIR-d3+EVE-d4 Waters Waters Xevo TQ-S
D TAC+CSA Ascomycin+CSD Waters Waters Xevo TQD
MPA Indomethacin Waters Waters Xevo TQD
E TAC+SIR+EVE Ascomycin Waters Waters Xevo TQD
CSA CSD Waters Waters Xevo TQD
F TAC+SIR+EVE+CSA Ascomycin+EVE-d4+CSD Agilent Agilent 6490 Triple Quadrupole
G TAC+SIR+EVE+CSA Ascomycin+SIR-d3+EVE-d4+CSD Agilent SCIEX API 4000
H TAC+SIR+EVE+CSA TAC-13C,d2+SIR-d3+EVE-d4+CSA-d4 Agilent SCIEX API 3200
I TAC+SIR+EVE+CSA Ascomycin Agilent SCIEX QTRAP 5500
MPA MPA-d3 Agilent SCIEX QTRAP 5500
J TAC+SIR+EVE+CSA Ascomycin+CSD Agilent SCIEX Triple Quad 3500

Most laboratories used precipitation with organic solvent mixture followed by centrifugation for extraction, except Lab I, which used liquid/liquid extraction. All the participating laboratories used the commercial calibrator from Chromsystems Instruments & Chemicals GmbH (Gräfelfing, Germany).

*The manufacturer names are indicated using their short names: Agilent, Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, CA, USA); SCIEX, AB SCIEX (Foster City, CA,USA); Shimadzu, Shimadzu Corporation (Kyoto, Japan); Waters, Waters Corporation (Milford, MA, USA).

Abbreviations: CSA, cyclosporine; CSD, cyclosporine D; EVE, everolimus; LC, liquid chromatography; MPA, mycophenolic acid; MS, mass spectrometry;TAC, tacrolimus; SIR, sirolimus.

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