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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Estimated numbers of blood components supplied by blood centers in 2020 [10]

Item N
Blood components distributed by blood centers 4,447,974
Hospitals that received blood components 2,487
Distributed blood components (units)
Whole blood 483
RBCs 1,524,234
Washed RBCs 1,746
Prefiltered leukoreduced RBCs 388,775
Whole blood-derived platelets 1,615,163
Apheresis platelets 239,237
Fresh frozen plasma 587,916
Cryoprecipitates 90,008
Others* 412
Total 4,447,974

*Whole blood-derived white blood cells and platelet-rich plasma were supplied according to the needs of the hospitals.

Abbreviation: RBCs, red blood cells.

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