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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Human serum in culture media has contrasting effects on NK cell expansion and functionality. (A) Fold expansion of NK cells cultured in AI (red) and AI+10% human serum (dark green) (N=7) on day 28. (B) Purity (CD56+/CD3– NK cells) of UCB NK cells cultured in AI (red) or AI+10% human serum (N=7) on day 28. Flow cytometry-based assay of the cytotoxicity of UCB NK cells cultured in AI + 10% human serum or AI toward (C) K562 cells (N=7), (D) Raji cells (N=4), (E) Raji cells+rituximab (N=5) on day 14. (F & G) Fold expansion (N=5) and purity (N=5) of NK cells cultured in conventional DS medium (10% human serum supplementation) and DS medium in which the 10% human serum was replaced with 10% ICSR. (H–J) Flow cytometry-based cytotoxicity assay of UCB NK cells cultured in the respective media (N=5) on day 14. *P<0.05; **P<0.01; ***P<0.001.
Abbreviations: DS, DMEM+Ham’s F12+various supplements; AI, AIM V+ICSR; NK, natural killer; UCB, umbilical cord blood; ICSR, Immune Cell Serum Replacement.
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