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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Results of GO and PANTHER pathway enrichment analyses in CHIP-positive individuals

Source Term name Term ID Gene (N) Fold enrichment Raw P FDR
GO:CC Specific granule lumen GO:0035580 9 20.81 1.50E-09 3.06E-06
GO:CC Tertiary granule lumen GO:1904724 7 17.95 2.64E-07 1.08E-04
GO:CC Specific granule GO:0042581 10 8.87 3.38E-07 1.15E-04
GO:CC Secretory granule lumen GO:0034774 14 6.17 1.07E-07 1.10E-04
GO:CC Cytoplasmic vesicle lumen GO:0060205 14 6.11 1.07E-07 1.10E-04
GO:CC Tertiary granule GO:0070820 9 7.74 3.86E-06 9.85E-04
GO:CC Vesicle lumen GO:0031983 14 6.07 1.29E-07 6.57E-05
GO:CC Secretory vesicle GO:0099503 23 3.11 1.57E-06 4.58E-04
GO:CC Secretory granule GO:0030141 20 3.22 4.84E-06 1.10E-03
Reactome Neutrophil degranulation R-HSA-6798695 17 5.03 7.66E-08 1.91E-04
Reactome Innate immune system R-HSA-168249 23 2.93 4.17E-06 5.20E-03

Abbreviations: FDR, false discovery rate; GO, Gene Ontology; GO:CC, GO cellular component; CHIP, clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential; PANTHER, Protein Analysis Through Evolutionary Relationships (

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