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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Comparison of the features of the HemoScreen and Sight OLO hematology instruments, which use AI

Characteristic HemoScreen (PixCell Medical Technologies Ltd.) Sight OLO (Sight Diagnostics Ltd.)
Specimen type Capillary or venous anticoagulated whole blood, collected in K2 EDTA tubes Capillary or venous anticoagulated whole, collected in K2 EDTA tubes
Calibration Factory calibrated Factory calibrated
QC CBC-PIX: 3 levels (high, medium, and low) CBC-OPT: 3 levels (high, medium, and low)
QC storage 2°C–8°C 2°C–8°C
QC stability 75-d closed vial stability with 14-d open vial stability Unopened until expiration date; opened 14 d
Parameters measured In adults and children aged 2 years and older In adults and children aged 3 months and older
- Erythrocytes - Erythrocytes
- Leukocytes - Leukocytes
- Platelets - Platelets
- Hb - Hb
- Hematocrit - Hematocrit
- Mean corpuscular (erythrocyte) volume - Mean corpuscular (erythrocyte) volume
- Mean cell (erythrocyte) Hb - Mean cell (erythrocyte) Hb
- Mean cell (erythrocyte) Hb concentration - Mean cell (erythrocyte) Hb concentration
- Erythrocyte distribution width - Erythrocyte distribution width
- Neutrophils (number, percentage) - Neutrophils (number, percentage)
- Monocytes (number, percentage) - Monocytes (number, percentage)
- Lymphocytes (number, percentage) - Lymphocytes (number, percentage)
- Eosinophils (number, percentage) - Eosinophils (number, percentage)
- Basophils (number, percentage) - Basophils (number, percentage)
Throughput 10 samples/hr
Test principle Viscoelastic focusing, which causes the cells to perfectly align into a plane. High-resolution microscopic images are taken of the flowing cells. Each image is analyzed using machine-vision algorithms, and the different cell types are differentiated and counted. Leukocytes are stained prior to testing to enable differentiation between their subtypes and abnormal cells. Hb is calculated based on the optical density measured on individual intact cells. Computer-vision algorithms visually scan stained blood specimen under a fluorescence microscope and analyze the captured images. The software identifies visual differences between different blood components relying on characteristics such as size, shape, intensity, and morphology. Optical density measurement of Hb.
Specimen volume 40 μL 27 μL (17 μL added to one chamber and 10 μL added to another)
Cartridge shelf-life 6.5 months 6 months
Cartridge storage Room temperature (17°C–27°C) Room temperature (18°C–26°C)
Specimen storage Specimen can be stored for 7 hrs in K2 EDTA tubes before testing Specimen can be stored for 8 hours in K2 EDTA tubes before testing
Operating temperature 17°C–27°C 18°C–30°C
Bar code scanning Yes Yes

Abbreviations: AI, artificial intelligence; CBC-OPT, complete blood count-optional control kit for Sight OLO; CBC-PIX, complete blood count-optional control kit for HemoScreen.

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