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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Effect of the hemolysate preparation method on the analyte concentration in the prepared sample explained by modeled samples with (A) urea and (B) sodium concentrations of 6.0 mmol/L and 140 mmol/L, respectively. The models consider the addition of 100 μL (10%) of hemolysate to 900 μL (90%) of serum, and the volume contributions of the individual fractions to the prepared sample are presented left to the bars. The numbers in the bars indicate the analyte concentrations (mmol/L) in the respective fractions, and the numbers in brackets within the bars represent the contributions of the respective fractions to the final concentration in the prepared sample after accounting for dilution.
Abbreviations: RBC, red blood cell fraction; DIW, deionized water; N/A, not applicable.
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