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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Assays evaluated in this study

Assay type Assay name Abbreviation Target* Manufacturer Required sample volume (µL) Time to result (mins) Required equipment
Line blot EUROLINE WB Blot Euro EG, EM Euroimmun 30 150 Blot shaker (scanner)
Line blot Echinococcus Western Blot IgG Blot LDB EG, EM LDBIO Diagnostics 25 170 Blot shaker
CLIA Hydatidosis VIRCLIA IgG Monotest CLIA VirC EG VirCell 5 130 CLIA processor
ELISA Anti-Echinococcus ELISA (IgG) ELISA Euro EG, EM Euroimmun 10 130 - (ELISA processor)
ELISA Echinococcus IgG ELISA ELISA DRG EG, EM DRG 10 140 - (ELISA processor)
ELISA Echinococcus IgG ELISA ELISA IBL EG, EM IBL International 10 110 - (ELISA processor)
ELISA Ridascreen Echinococcus IgG ELISA rBio EG, EM R-Biopharm 10 50 - (ELISA processor)
ELISA Hydatidosis ELISA IgG ELISA VirC EG VirCell 5 100 - (ELISA processor)
LFA Virapid Hydatidosis LFA VirC EG VirCell 30 30 -

*The category “Target” indicates the species (EG or EM), against which the specific antibodies detected by this assay are directed.

The required equipment includes laboratory equipment other than pipettes, pipette tips, incubation trays, and tubes. Equipment in parentheses is supportive but not mandatory. The manufacturer offers a specific scanner system (EuroScanner) for the blot Euro. The CLIA VirC requires a specific CLIA processor (VirCLIA or VirCLIA Lotus). All ELISAs shown can be performed manually or with an automated ELISA processor.

Abbreviations: EG, Echinococcus granulosus; EM, Echinococcus multilocularis; CLIA, chemiluminescence immunoassay; LFA, lateral flow assay.

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