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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Recommendations for pre-analytical procedures

Recommendation Grade of recommendation Level of evidence
It is recommended to use plasma rather than serum for ctDNA analysis. A I
It is recommended to separate plasma immediately when collecting blood in an EDTA tube and not delay plasma separation more than 4–6 hrs. A I
It may be considered to use cell preservation tubes if plasma separation is delayed more than 4–6 hrs. B I
It may be considered to avoid agitation and temperature fluctuation when transporting samples to the laboratory. B I
It may be considered to conduct two-step centrifugation for plasma isolation. B I
It is recommended to avoid buffy coat contamination when separating plasma. A I
It is recommended to analyze cfDNA in terms of quantity and quality before downstream analysis. A I
For long-term storage, it may be considered to store plasma or cfDNA extracts at −80°C and in aliquots to avoid repeated freeze–thaw cycles. B I

Abbreviations: ctDNA, circulating tumor DNA; cfDNA, cell-free DNA.

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