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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Specific IgE results obtained with the MAST and the ImmunoCAP

Test Allergen (code) Specific IgE (Class [kU/L])
Initial tests MAST Alder Class 1
Apple Class 1
Birch Class 3
Peach Class 3
Alternaria, anchovy, baker’s yeast, banana, barley, beef, buckwheat, cacao, Candida albicans, cat, celery, cheese, chicken, clam, cockroach mix, codfish, cow’s milk, crab, cucumber, dog, egg white, garlic, house dust, Japanese hop, kiwi, mackerel, maize, mango, mite-Dermatophagoides farinae, mite-D. pterony, mugwort, mushroom, mussel, onion, orange, peanut, pork, potato, pupal silk cocoon, rice, rye, salmon, sesame, short ragweed, shrimp, soybean, squid, sweet chestnut, tomato, tuna, walnut, wheat, white oak Class 0
ImmunoCAP (whole allergen) Gal-alpha-1 (o215) Class 0 (0.01)
Gluten (f79) Class 0 (0.00)
Omega-5 gliadin, wheat (f416) Class 0 (0.00)
Soybean (f14) Class 0 (0.09)
Wheat (f4) Class 0 (0.02)
Additional test ImmunoCAP (allergen component) rAra h 8, peanut (f352) Class 3 (10.3)
rBet v 1, birch (t215) Class 3 (15.2)
rGly m 4, soybean (f353) Class 3 (11.3)
rPru p 1, peach (f419) Class 3 (11.9)

Abbreviation: MAST, multiple allergen simultaneous test.

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