Case Report

Korean J Lab Med 2004; 24(4): 234-236

Published online August 1, 2004

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Balantidium coli in an Asymptomatic Patient: A Case Report



Background :Balantidium coli is widely distributed in hogs, particularly in warm and temperate climates, and in monkeys in the tropics. B. coli is the only pathogenic ciliate and is the largest protozoan parasitizing humans. Some individuals with B. coli infections are totally asymptomatic, whereas others have symptoms of severe dysentery similar to those seen in patients with amebiasis. We report a 5-year-old girl with asymptomatic balantidiasis. The patient was suffering from herpes zoster for several days. She did not have symptoms of dysentery or urinary tract infection. Motile trophozoites of B. coli were observed in the urinary sediment. This is the first report of asymptomatic balantidiasis in Korea. Method : Result : Conclusion :

Keywords: Balantidium coli, Trophozoite, Asymptomatic